Tachograph card readers? (2023)

What is the purpose of a tachograph?

Tachographs record information about driving time, speed and distance. They're used to make sure drivers and employers follow the rules on drivers' hours.

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What are the three types of tachographs?

There are three different kinds of tachographs: analog, digital, and smart.
  • Analog tachographs (or analogue tachographs) use wax paper sheets to record driver data. ...
  • Digital tachographs record driver data on internal device storage and a driver card. ...
  • Smart tachographs are the new generation of digital tachographs.
Oct 26, 2021

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What are the four symbols on a tachograph?

Legally, there are four recognised symbols for tachograph devices.
  • Driver. The "Drive" symbol is displayed when a driver is using a vehicle and the engine is running. ...
  • Available. ...
  • Rest or Break. ...
  • Other Work.
Mar 29, 2022

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What vehicles need a tachograph?

Tachographs record how long you've been driving for, and are compulsory in all vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes that are being used for commercial benefit. However, you'll also need one if you are towing a trailer and the total gross weight of the vehicle and trailer is more than 3.5 tonnes.

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How much does a digital tachograph card cost?

It costs: £32 for your first GB driver digital tachograph card. £19 to renew an expired card. £19 to replace a lost or stolen card.

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What are tachographs for dummies?

What is a tachograph? A tachograph is a means of ensuring that all driving activity for a particular vehicle and driver can be recorded, including driving time, speed and distance. Its purpose is to ensure that all drivers and employers adhere to the laws on drivers' hours.

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Do US trucks have tachographs?

For almost 80 years American truckers used paper books, in which they recorded their working time and rest periods. However, in the second half of December new regulations came in force, under which all American trucks must be equipped with a tachograph (ELD- Electronic Logging Device).

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What information is recorded on a tachograph record?

Tachographs record key driver and vehicle information and monitor drivers' compliance with driving time, breaks and rest period rules. They also record vehicle speed, distance travelled and other information.

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Who is exempt from using tachograph?

The following vehicles are the only vehicles that are exempt from the LCV tachograph rules: Vehicles which cannot exceed 40km/h. Emergency service and armed forces vehicles. Breakdown recovery vehicles that are within 100km of their base.

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How long can you drive on a tachograph?

The maximum weekly driving time cannot be more than 56 hours and the two-week limit is 90 hours over any two-consecutive weekly periods. For every 4.5 hours of driving, a driver must take a 45-minute break, unless they take a daily or weekly rest period.

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How long is a tachograph valid for?

Your digital tachograph driver card is valid for five years. You should apply for renewal at least 15 days before your current driver card expires.

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How many tacho breaks in a day?

Tachograph rules on breaks

After every 4.5 hours of driving time, the driver should have at least 45 minutes of breaks. The driver can take 45 minutes at once, or split into one break of 15 minutes, followed by a 30 minute break (45 minutes in total).

Tachograph card readers? (2023)
What are the different tachograph modes?

The four modes

There are four mandatory modes which a driver must use on a tachograph whether digital or analogue: “driving”, “break and rest”, “other work” and “period of availability (POA)”.

What does crossed hammers mean on a tachograph?

The two crossed hammers symbolize 'Other work' and are used, for example, when loading and unloading the car. Many tachographs automatically detect 'Other Work' when driving stops, unless you manually type in, for example.

Do I have to do a manual entry on a digital tachograph?

So when drivers are unable to operate the instrument, have not been allocated a vehicle, or are working away from the vehicle and have had to remove their digi tachograph card, they must manually record their activities. Manual entries are recorded on the driver card.

What are the symbols on a digital tachograph?

What are the digital tacho symbols?
  • Driving. The “driving” tacho symbol represents the steering wheel of a vehicle. ...
  • Other Work. “Other work” is represented by an icon that shows tools and covers activities other than driving. ...
  • Tachograph Available. ...
  • Break Time.

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